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    Working from Home
    By: Stacy Perez

    Wouldn't working from the comfort of your own home be the life to live; especially, if you are a mother? Yeah, actually it is the life to live. I appreciate and love being home with my kids. Being able to stay at home and raise your own kids, while making a living working from home, sounds good? It is even better if you can work from home around your own schedule and your children's schedule.

    There are those who dream about working from home, but do not take advantage of it; even if it were right there on their doorstep. Then, there are others who work outside the home and do not believe working from home is even possible. Of course, there are those who do not work at all, who also don't believe working from home is possible either.

    "Oh, working from home is probably a scam," doubters would say. "Everything is a scam when you have to invest money to get started," they would continue to say.

    The problem is ... MOST people are not educated enough to be able to tell the difference whether something is a scam or not. They just don't know how. They like to casually say working from home is a scam, but when you ask them, "Why is it a scam?" They say: "Umm, I don't know, it just is." WOW, that is some kind of a reason, huh? That would certainly make me believe it is a scam too, NOT!

    Just because someone is working from home and you want to do the same; it does not mean whatever someone else is doing is a scam, and what you would be doing would also be a scam. There are many people making a living online than ever before. Some how they get it, and it is unfortunate when others just don't get it.

    Believe it or not, most work from home opportunities are not scams. I am talking about opportunities like freelance opportunities, online gigs, work at home related jobs or telecommuting jobs and legitimate home based businesses. Most of these types of opportunities are NOT scams. How would I know? Well, I have been working from home since the year 2000, and I have almost done everything possible that is work from home related.

    Yes, there are scams online and plenty of them, but not everything out there is a scam. It really helps if you want to make money online, to get yourself educated about working from home first before diving into it and not understanding what you are doing.

    Unfortunately, those who are closed-minded who will never work from home. They may say they want to, but they really don't deep down inside. If they wanted to, they would be doing it, right? I mean, you don't have to know how to do it before doing it. I certainly had no knowledge of what to do. I wanted it bad enough so I taught myself.

    You can either prepare yourself or not. Personally, I will continue to make a living taking care of my own children whether you work from home or not. I won't ever give up what I have learned over the years and the foundation I am laying out for my children's futures. Absolutely PRICELESS!

    What is puzzling is how badly those who want to work from are still looking months or even years later.

    Really, the decision is yours. Opportunities are out there waiting for you to grab them before someone else gets it before you.

    Copyright 2000-2011, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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