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July 24, 2008
Issue: 424
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Article Of The Week

Anyone Can Make Money Blogging!
By:  Stacy Perez Copyright 2008
First off.. You may be wondering what the heck is
a blog or what is blogging?  BELIEVE me six months
ago, I really didn't know what one was either.  I started
seeing about Blogs since January 2004, but really didn't
know what a blog was until one of my online friends
told me about it.
A blog is basically an online diary or journal.  A blog
is a great way to write your thoughts, write your daily
activity. keep yourself accountable in your business,
a way of talking about a certain topic, having a way
of interacting with others, etc..  A blog is also EXCELLENT
for marketing an online business/home business, as well
as, making money!
Blogging RIGHT NOW is a HUGE "viral" internet craze!
AND it seems EVERYONE is trying to tap into it.  It is
funny because you will find SO many people trying to
make something blog related to tap into the niche market,
such as, blog search engines, blog directories, etc.. I
mean when you see all the different blog tools, it really
just wants to make you laugh because people are
going nuts over it!
The idea of blogging reminds me of... when people really
go over board when something new and unique hits the
market.. LIKE the car ribbon magnet craze going on
right now.  It first started off with the Support Our Troops
magnet ribbon.. AND now I am seeing Support Breast
Cancer and all sorts of different ones now. EVERYONE
started buying those Support The Troops ribbon
magnets.. AND companies started coming out with
different colors and different wording.. NOW, other
companies are making the same concept but for
different reasons.
Something like that, you may think ..."Why didn't I think
of that".. OR .."Why can't I think of an unique idea that
would make a ton of money."  Personally, I know my day
is coming.. to come up with that unique idea that makes
millions...I am sure you are thinking the same thing
about figuring out an idea that will drive people crazy
and make a ton of money.
WELL what is neat about creating a blog is ....
1. Anyone can do it.
2. It doesn't cost any money.
3. You can use it as a diary for your home
business to direct prospects too.
4. You can take advantage of the Google Ad
program and make money.
5.  You can promote affiliate programs on
your blog.
6.  You can use it as a portal to market other
7.  You can create a blog and never have to
worry about making a website.
8.  You can set up as many blogs as you want
and for whatever reason.
I personally take part in a home based business opportunity.
I suggest blogging to my group as a form of internet
marketing and is something what I highly recommend.
It is a great way you can include good articles and
educate your prospect.  You can include testimonials
and stories.
I have heard of stories of people keeping a blog and
someone turning their blog into a book.. Like I heard
about this one where this woman was keeping a blog
about her goal of paying off all her debt.. There are
blogs for people who are loosing weight.. I have seen
Avon Lady Blogs.. Anything you can think of .. there
is probably a blog about it.. AND you just NEVER know
when someone may take interest in your Blog and may
want to turn it into a book!!!!  This is an idea of where
you may have an idea AND someone finds you to
want to turn it into a book.. OR what if you want to turn
your blog into a book.. CAN you imagine if some
screen writer gets a hold of your blog and your blog
is the next big movie!  YOU just never know.. The
potential of anything happening is possible with
ALSO making money with a blog makes it so ANYONE
can do it even if they know absolutely nothing.  Starting
a Blog for cash is a GREAT and EASY way of making
money for anyone!!!  Blogging would give people the
opportunity to make some money from home.
If you are NOT blogging yet.. You should be!!!! Tap
into blogging.. Just an fyi.. You can make money with
blogging AND you can use it to gain people in a home
Today, an ebook was launched about Making Money
With Blogs.. Basically for beginners or seasoned bloggers...
This is the first book I have seen on this subject..
I highly recommend getting this ebook.. TO HELP YOU
start making your OWN money!!!! OR Helping people
who take part in a home business learn how to use
it to increase inquiries or sign ups.

The small investment for this ebook is WORTH IT!

Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: 

2008 NEW Work From Home Opportunity

It is finally here....
Here is something you owe it to yourself to look at.  Read my email
and than visit my website.  This is brand new.  This gives people
for sure hope and believe of making money on the internet.  There
is no joining an MLM, no monthly requirements, no reporting to
anyone or anything.  It is rare to find a set up like this one.  It has
been over 6 years since I have seen an opportunity like this one.
This is one of those things where timing is perfect, in my opinion,
in the sense that only two handfuls of people have joined so far. 
What does that mean?  It means that billions of people don't know
about this yet including just about the entire industry of those looking
to make money from home.  What does this mean for you?  It means
there is HUGE opportunity to take over the internet by promoting it
and gain before everyone knows about this.
At first, I didn't realize the income potential, because I was just
seeking the actual information products - a few I was going to sell
individually because of the work at home niche concept of a
few of them like the Freelance one.  I read the page again and
saw, oh my gosh I thought,  I not only can sell the ebooks
individually but I can promote the concept of people having their
very own site with the ability of making 100% profit right into
their PayPal accounts.  No one else gets the money but the
person who has the website.  You can see on my page it is my
name all over it and my PayPal link.  Your site would be identical
but with your information instead.
It has been a long time since I have seen an opportunity like
this one.  A long time ago, there was a similar opportunity but
they didn't have quite the amount of value to their site, and we
as the affiliates only saw about 40% of each sale.  This one
you have multiple potential to not only sell the ebooks individually
but you can also sell the idea of people having their own website
where they can keep the money.
It is VERY affordable!  I was shocked, thinking to myself, why
would someone be so darn generous and give people the ability
to make money on the internet and he gains nothing.  SO, I emailed
him to ask him if what I read is correct..  He said I was correct.
All I could say to him was.. "OH MY GOSH - do you realize how
many people you are going to help with this concept of making
money....THAN I thanked him!
All you are doing is promoting your own site with your
own PayPal link already embedded into the site.  You have
greater potential because this is brand new.  I am one of two
handfuls of people who knows about this.
It is $47 but you get the 12 ebooks to sell individually or you
can promote your personalized link and make $47 for each
person who signs up on your page.  The money is instantly
put into your PayPal account.  All you are doing is promoting this
online.  Spend a couple of hours a day promoting it aggressively
through yahoogroups, message boards, forums, ad places, etc.
You will make money with this if you take the time and promote it.
All it takes is one person to sign up through your page and you
just broke even.
To visit my site, go to:
My email:


NO Fee - Current Work @ Home Jobs

These are the current Work@ Home positions we have found!  We try to make sure these the current work @ home jobs do not require a fee, if you find one that does, please let us know.  This section is for real work @ home jobs and sometimes one may slip.

For the individual jobs, please do NOT pay any fees to work for someone.  For a real work at home job, you do NOT need to pay any fees to work for them.  I do NOT advise paying any fees for a work at home job.  The only fee I would recommend paying for is a legit business opportunity where you get a product in return for your purchase.  Go through a reputable company.

Note:  I research the companies as often as I can.  I do NOT guarantee employment, but it is worth sending your resume. **  MAKE SURE you NEVER  paid for a work @ home job **


Survey Panelist

What’s your opinion? Join the Opinion Outpost survey research panel
and start earning cash for sharing it. You earn Opinion Points redeemable
for cash for each survey you complete. Join our community and make your
opinion count. Membership is free. Click here to start sharing your opinion.

This reporting and transcription company has opportunities for exceptional typists with a speed of 80-90 WPM. Part-time.

To be considered, applicants must reside in the Austin TX area.

Qualified, local applicants only need apply.
To learn more, visit: 
No out-of-state resumes. NO PHONE CALLS.   

Community Coordinator

Would you like to work with a non-profit educational organization that promotes the positive development of the world's young people? This company arranges international student exchanges and has excellent opportunities for dedicated individuals to work as Community coordinators. Community coordinators earn great commissions while arranging homestays and high school enrollment for foreign teenagers.

Independent contract position is part time, flexible, and managed from home.

To learn more about becoming a community coordinator, please fill out an Application at:

Learn more about this organization:

Virtual Organization Research Administrators

Virtual Organization Management Institute – The world’s leading and only global professional association, think tank, educational institute, certification provider, and global event producer solely dedicated to the virtual organization management and recruitment discipline ---

As a Virtual Organization Research Administrator, you will be responsible for all departmental administrative activities for the research arm of Virtual Organization Management Institute. Requirements:We require a minimum of 7 to 10 years experience. Please submit your resume to
 For additional information please go to to thoroughly review our website and then contact us at
to schedule an interview.   

Associate Fellow
Virtual Organization Management Institute – The world’s leading and only global professional association, think tank, educational institute, certification provider, and global event producer solely dedicated to the virtual organization management and recruitment discipline ---

As an Associate Fellow, you will be responsible for conducting virtual organization management activities, as well as, teaching at Virtual Organization Management Institute. Requirements:We require a minimum of 7 to 10 years experience. Please submit your resume to
Compensation is negotiable Contact:For additional information please go to
 to thoroughly review our website and then contact us at to schedule an interview.

Customer Service
Will receive inbound calls for the company's various client companies referring to their services and products. Will receive support from your training coach. Requirements:Must have a computer, high speed internet connection, quiet environment to work, 3 professional references, some experience is helpful.
Learn more about this company:
To apply, please visit:   

Appointment Setter
Home-Base USA is looking for talented individuals to work from home as inside sales agents. The appointment setter position is a work from home independent contractor opportunity where you can schedule flexible hours and work out of your home office. Home-Base USA sales agents work with clients to call into business executives from a list provided and schedule qualified appointments.
Previous Phone Sales Experience Windows-based computer, High Speed Internet connection, Skype IP phone service and headset Salary Wage:Payroll is bi-weekly and is comprised of a guaranteed hourly base plus commission bonuses.
Apply on our website at:   

Chat Operator
This UK-based entertainment company offers home based opportunities for Operators to work on various platforms such as SMS chat, TV chat, horoscopes, and psychic readings. Operators simply reply to messages sent through their own PC. Internet access and basic typings skills are required.
UK based residents please
To learn more, please visit the careers sections at the following company web address:
Call Analyst
This provider of Call Center Quality Monitoring, Mystery Calling, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys offers permanent part time opportunities the position of Call Analyst. Analysts listen to pre-recorded phone calls and evaluate the performance of the agent and comments of the customer. This PT work from home opportunity is reserved for those on SSDI due to a physical disability.
= Currently collecting Social Security Disability
= 4 Year Degree
= 5+ Years of Business Experience

Position also requires cable speed Internet connection and a quiet work space.
Experienced professionals who have become physically disabled due to injury or illness are welcome to visit this company at the following web address to review further details and application instructions.
Please visit:   

CSR Telecommute
Do you like talking on the phone? is looking for home-based, independent contractors to send emails and make phone calls to people who have vehicles for sale locally.

This position pays $8-$30 / hour based on performance. This is a paid position, there is no cost involved. We are currently looking for three highly-motivated people who can start immediately. You need a phone, Internet connection and the ability to work independently.
Like talking on the phone. Data Entry Unlimited Long Distance. Available to work 20 hrs per week. Self-Disciplined and motivated.
Email your resume to:
I am looking for dedicated and hardworking individuals who are willing to put in 20 hrs a week to make a great income.   
This leading provider of call center solutions offers an excellent work-from-home opportunity, competitive wages, lucrative bonus opportunities and benefits. No telemarketing experience is necessary.
Applicant must be a resident of Ohio or West Virginia and live outside of one of the call center areas.
To learn more and apply, please visit:
Mystery Shoppers
Established company seeks shoppers in all states of the USA and all provinces of Canada. Experienced or non experienced shoppers wanted!

Retired? Students? We want people from all walks of life! Easy video shops that require very little time. Free movie rentals plus pay! Salary Wage:Pay is once a month.(yes we are efficient) Please accept our independent contractor agreement and then give us your contact information so you can start shopping.
Please visit the following site to learn more and become a shopper: (or)   

Legitimate Home Business Opportunities

Also visit for more

These business opportunities may require a start - up fee.  Opportunities like Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. do charge a start - up fee because it is a home business and you usually get products, training and marketing materials.
2008 Recommended, Legit Work From home Opportunities' Directory :
Join the Billion Dollar Tea Industry!
Become a Tea Party Consultant with Best Qualiteas

I've attached a banner which I'd like linked to
All Natural French Skin Care to Launch in USA Fall 2008!
Votre Vu is currently accepting reservations for 1500 launch
consultants!  There are approximately 200 spots remaining!
Make your FREE reservation today.  The $99 fee to join
will not be charged until you confirm your reservation in
late Fall 2008.  Be the FIRST in your area to take advantage
of this ground floor opportunity! 
For more information please
contact Trish Harris (Votre Vu Consultant ID #12040) at
612-202-2682 or
Advertising Rates: 

Classified Corner

"The Secret" For KIDS!
"Reading these books with my children opened up conversations that allowed us to explore what we believe, and what we create in this world. These are the rarest of books that draw you right in, entertain you tremendously, and ultimately inspire you to be more of who you are. We didn't want them to end!" 
Order yours Today:
We now have Spanish Soap Operas available for sale.
Check out our wide assortment of DVDs..
How to save some serious money on groceries
each and every month for the rest of your life. 
"Finally - a Simple, Computer-Based Training System that teaches
you step-by-step How to Create the Life of Your Dreams”...
100% Guaranteed  Just 10 Minutes a day, and a desire to improve!
I did, and I can show you how too, no matter what your present situation.
Click Here

 #1 Dental Benefits-Everyone Accepted-Largest
                    Provider Base in the USA

Family Dental Benefits Package effective immediately with
no deductible.  This is the Hottest promotion I've seen yet.
Plus, right now we are including  (AT NO CHARGE) Vision,
Prescription, & Chiropractic!

Please go to my online video and details at: 


FOR Work From Home Women
Three New Powerful Programs on
Leadership, Sales and Inspirational
Women at a Special Wholesale


Parents who work-from-home...
What every leader needs to teach, what every child
needs to learn!  The Seeds of Greatness -
The Value-Based Family Enrichment Program for
21st Century Leaders!


Affordable Dental and Medical Packages

#1 Dental Benefits-Everyone Accepted-Largest
                    Provider Base in the USA

Family Dental Benefits Package effective immediately with
no deductible.  This is the Hottest promotion I've seen yet.
Plus, right now we are including  (AT NO CHARGE) Vision,
Prescription, & Chiropractic!

Please go to my online video and details at: 

Advertising Rates:

More Work @ Home Opportunities
               Online Surveys for Cash

Surveys #1
Earn some extra money taking fun and easy paid surveys online
Surveys #2
Get paid to stay in your pajamas! SurveyScout-the best stay at
home business on the web! Work at home....get started now!
Surveys #3

What’s your opinion? Join the Opinion Outpost survey research panel
and start earning cash for sharing it. You earn Opinion Points redeemable
for cash for each survey you complete. Join our community and make your
opinion count. Membership is free. Click here to start sharing your opinion.



               More Home Business Opportunities...

Telework Recruiting, Inc., your resource for finding
professional telecommuting jobs.   With hundreds of
telecommuting job leads and nearly 1,500 online companies
hiring teleworkers, this is where you'll get what you need.


Visit the Internet's Leading Work From Home Job Bank.


It's Fun and Easy To Get Paid To Shop
Start today. Get paid to shop, eat in restaurants, go to the movies,
stay in hotels, and much more. Exclusive job listings and personal a
ttention can give you the edge. Visit


"How I Easily Make $814.55 Each Week Part-Time From Home
Creating Personalized Baby Newspapers And Candy Bars And
How You Can Too!"


How To Start Your Own Daycare
Our Expert Editors have put together this exciting comprehensive
package that provides you with with the knowledge and the tools
to start, operate and profit from your own day care. This award
winning instructional set is the essential guide tool box for any
person wishing to start their own day care facility

               Work @ Home - Job Databases

The Home Job Stop Resource is the Premier Telecommuting
Resource offering an extensive Job Bank
specifically for home workers. Updated bi-weekly.

               Work @ Home Mystery Shopping

Become a mystery shopper.  A mystery shopper is an undercover customer.  You evaluate the customer service in restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores
and more.   I personally mystery shop and all I have to say is it is a great way to make extra money.   I have heard other moms making $1000-$2000 a
month mystery shopping.  There are NEVER charges to become a mystery shopper. 

For more information, please go to:
Subscribe to our email group:


Mystery Shopping Business
Start a mystery shopping business
start a mystery shopping company
Tools For Work @ Home Success

I have achieved success in home-based business, and these are the tools that have helped me to do so.  If you are not using tools to help in your success, you are missing the big picture.

I have succeeded in one company achieving a car, and achieving in another company as the #4 recruiter in the entire company.

Without tools, I do not think I would have grown as large as I have in any of my businesses.

Best Wishes,
Stacy Perez

Highly Recommended Auto Responder:
So many potential customers/prospects are lost because of poor follow up - don't you want to be one of the few to get it right?

This company has been around over 6 years and is one of the most recommended autoresponders online.  I used them for about 2 years.  At the time it wasn't economical for me because of the need I needed it for. 
NOW, they have modified their package to what the competition offers, making it priceless.

Record Training Calls, Live Prospecting Calls, etc.
I absolutely recommend this service. I have personally used this service for almost a year now.  I have recorded many teleclass calls, my company development calls, prospecting calls, team calls, etc.. I record about 3-5
times a week.  It is great because as I enroll people into my company, they can listen to recorded calls right on their computer.  I have recorded well known network marketers, mentors, etc.. To offer excellent training to people I work with over time.  It is also fantastic to record a prospecting call.  If the company you work with only does a call once a day, you can have your prospect listen right on their computer immediately.  You enroll someone new, you can get them plugged into training immediately.  This is one of my favorite tools I use.
Recommended Toll Free Number Service
I have personally been using this since the year 2002 and love it.  It is an awesome and affordable service.

Learn How To Generate Your Own Leads:
Max Steingart, author of "Shaking Hands On The Internet and Making The Internet Your Warm Market."  He is one of the most trusted and respected
mentors educating about prospecting online.  He teaches true internet marketing.  The internet is an awesome place to build your business online, and Max is an awesome teacher to teach you.  He offers  no cost teleclass as well as his material in ebook, print and/or cd-rom form.  You can look at the following page and also click on Best Selling Products on the left.

Start Your Own Website
If you are part of a home based business and do not have your own website, you are missing the boat.  You can create a warmer atmosphere for your visitor and control your contact by starting your own website.  For right now, you can start your own website at no cost for 7 days and see for yourself.  Consult with me after you do it so I can help you gain from the benefits of having your own website.  Click on sign up for free in the upper, right corner. 

Learn How To Close Prospects
Professional Inviter
Great educational CDs to help you close your prospects
into your network marketing opportunity.

Scams Alerts

              NEW Scams Exposed Ebook
Learn how to detect the scams and prevent being scammed...


Copyright 2000 - 2008

    “Save Gas. Work At Home Jobs Waiting”

We have the freshest, newest  work at home jobs on the internet: typists, secretarial, clerical, transcription, book keeping, shoppers, writers and more.
Currently over 5,000 listings.  Our business started in 1994 by two work at home women. Benefit from our experience and know how. Come get answers to all your
questions so you can start making money now.  Click on the link
                 For Families

            2008 HOT NEW
          Work From Home

*NEW* Work From Home


Start Your Own Perfume, Soap, and Candle Making Business

Click Here



Click Here



Get Paid To Write / Type Online

Get Paid To Take Pictures


The image “
Work @ Home Links
Work At Home in the   USA
$1,000 a week is possible. You can do it. Others have -- it's easy!

Click Here 

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