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July 15, 2014
Issue: 548
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Article Of The Week

Get Paid To Shop
By: Stacy Perez

Did you know you can make money shopping and eating at restaurants? It is true! You can get paid to have fun. It is called Mystery Shopping.

What is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shopping is where you are an undercover customer and get paid. Companies hire Mystery Shopping companies to make sure their employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Have you ever went into a restaurant and the service was just horrible? Maybe the food was not prepared correctly? Maybe you went to Wal-Mart and there was garbage clutter throughout the store or even clothes off the racks. I know my Wal-Mart is this way. Companies do not know what is going on at their stores or restaurants and they need to depend on a Mystery Shopper to report what they see to them. Bad customer service equals lower profits. Obviously, good customer service equals higher profits. It benefits companies to pay Mystery Shopping companies to make sure they have good customer service.

Is Mystery Shopping a real way to make money? Yes, it is. I have heard of women making a full time income Mystery Shopping. I have not Mystery Shopped in a few months, because I recently had a baby. When I was Mystery Shopping, I did it on a part time basis.

How do you start to Mystery Shopping? When someone asks me about Mystery Shopping, I ask them if they have ever completed marketing surveys or attended focus groups. The reason why is because some Mystery Shopping companies ask. If you have never mystery shopped but have completed surveys or attended focus groups, I think it will help you on your application. When I filled out my very first Mystery Shopping application, I had completed marketing surveys, attended focus groups, and also shopped apartment complexes through my outside job at the time. This information is helpful if you have that experience.

When starting to apply with Mystery Shopping companies, I recommend only filling out a few applications at first. Why? Well companies like experience and if you fill out too many applications, some may never call you because of not having experience. That means you wasted your time. I would start off applying to a few companies and get established as a shopper. This way if companies start calling you, you wont be overwhelmed. I can tell you once you are comfortable and applying to a lot of companies, your phone will be ringing off the hook.

What is nice about being a Mystery Shopper is you are an independent contractor. An independent contractor is not employee of a company. You will not receive any benefits, vacations or sick time. The benefits of being an independent contractor is you work your own hours and you work when you want. Being an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you made over $600.00. You do not have taxes taken out of your checks so that means you will be reporting it to the IRS.

Mystery Shoppers must be detailed, observant, neat in writing, and creative. Mystery Shopping companies have hired you to check out a store or restaurant and depend on you to provide as much information as possible. You basically, want the Mystery Shopping company to get the feeling they shopped the store or restaurant themselves.

When you get your first assignment you must read everything a couple of times. You have to make sure you know exactly what the company wants you to do and what information you must collect. If you forget to do something or forget to record something, the company may take part of the money off or not pay you at all.

When you go on the shop do not carry paper and a pen to take notes where people can see it. Last thing you want is a store or restaurant knowing you are a Mystery Shopper. You must not tell anyone at the store or restaurant you are a Mystery Shopper. It would defeat the purpose of you being there, right? When I have shopped grocery stores, I make notes on my grocery list. If I shop a restaurant, I secretly make notes under the table. If you need a stop watch to record how long you were standing in line, how long your food was served, etc.; I recommend using your cellular phone or a watch. If I am not able to secretly take notes then I immediately write everything down when I get into my car.

Now you must take your notes and complete the evaluation form. Again make sure everything is detailed and complete. Make sure you keep all your receipts. Most cases you mail the receipts to the Mystery Shopping company. If you have to mail in your evaluation forms and receipts, make sure you keep a copy for your records. I think most companies have online submission forms, take the forms by fax or take the forms by phone.

Mystery Shopping companies usually pay out on the average two to six weeks. You must give them your social security otherwise they wont pay you. They need it, in case, they issue you a 1099.

Mystery Shopping is not a get rich opportunity. It does take work and the pay is not big. If you are looking for a way to make extra, legitimate money then you may want to consider Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping is fun! Getting paid to eat and shop is great!

If you are interested in receiving Mystery Shopping jobs, you can subscribe by going to: This email list gets about 30 emails a day and is moderated by me. We have close to 6,000 Mystery Shoppers, Schedulers and Companies listed. Only jobs are posted to this email group.

Copyright 2000-2014, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: 



Legitimate Home Business Opportunities

Also visit for more

These business opportunities may require a start - up fee.  Opportunities like Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. do charge a start - up fee because it is a home business and you usually get products, training and marketing materials.
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NO Fee - Current Work @ Home Jobs

These are the current Work@ Home positions we have found!  We try to make sure these the current work @ home jobs do not require a fee, if you find one that does, please let us know.  This section is for real work @ home jobs and sometimes one may slip.

For the individual jobs, please do NOT pay any fees to work for someone.  For a real work at home job, you do NOT need to pay any fees to work for them.  I do NOT advise paying any fees for a work at home job.  The only fee I would recommend paying for is a legit business opportunity where you get a product in return for your purchase.  Go through a reputable company.

Note:  I research the companies as often as I can.  I do NOT guarantee employment, but it is worth sending your resume. **  MAKE SURE you NEVER  paid for a work @ home job **


Will provide services ranging from Surveys, Appointment Setting, Sales, Information Collection. Will be faxing in forms/reports daily. Most outbound calls are B2B (business to business).

Requirements: Must have a quiet environment to work, telephone with headset (no blocks on your telephone), long distance telephone carrier, experience is needed to complete each job.

Job Term: 25 hours per week minimum.

For more information and instructions:

About company:


Customer Service / Sales / Technical Support

Recruiting top-performing associates to work from home! This company offers a wide variety of opportunities for home based staff in Customer Care, Technical Support, Inbound/outbound sales, pre-sales help and others.

To learn more and apply, please follow this link:


Lead Development Specialist

Company offers ability to work from home, flexible schedules, and excellent pay. Professional candidates with a passion for cold calling have the opportunity to reward themselves in a career full of potential. Incumbent will make outbound calls from his or her home office pitching client solutions to targeted accounts.

An unlimited long distance calling plan is required as well as 5-10 yrs experience in complex sales environment . A knowledge in different business industries and technologies is essential.

Job Term: 20+ hours on a weekly basis.

Qualified individuals should refer to a detailed review of this offer at:

About company:


Telemarketing This business-to-business telemarketing company offers an excellent home based employment opportunity. Make calls on behalf of professional organizations in a variety of industries. Flexible hours. Generous hourly wage.

For details visit:

About company:


Full-Time Tele/Sales Reps

12,000 - 14,700k for FULL TIME TELE/ SALES REP (HOME BASED)

Enjoy working while in the luxury of your own comfort zone!

-Good Communication Skills
-Willing to be trained
-6months -1 year Sales background is a PLUS
-Debt Collection experience is a PLUS
-Appointment Setting experience is a PLUS


1. DSL Connection
2. Noise-free Working Environment
US, Canada, Philippines, Worldwide

If you think you have the following qualifications, send your resume ASAP to


Advertising Sales

"Remembering You, Our American Military" is a publication of The National Remember Our Troops Campaign, a Military and Veterans Charity.

This book is distributed free of charge to military service members around the world and is full of notes and letters of encouragement, inspiration and support from caring Americans. It is funded by the kind advertising donations from individuals, small, medium and large businesses, civic, social and church organizations.

Your job is to sell ad space in our book. You can do this at home by phone OR in the field. We pay 40% commission. No kidding it is really a nice book and many people are proud to advertise here to support our worthy mission. Those who are willing to work hard can earn a nice living.

Experience is preferred but we will provide training for qualified and motivated candidates. While not a requirement, this is a great job for military veterans!

Learn more and apply online at:


Military Charity Seeks Work At Home Tele-Fundraisers

Military Charity Seeks Work At Home Tele-Fundraisers to help support our ongoing mission. Work full-time or part-time. This is a real W2 job and NOT an independent contractor position. Pay is commission based. This is a rewarding job that helps improve the lives of our troops and veterans.

Learn more and apply online at:


Customer Service Representative

How would you like to cut down your work commute to just five minutes?! By becoming an Arise affiliated Independent Business Owner, or a Client Support Professional, you will be able to provide superior customer service from the comfort of your home! No suit, no commute! We have great opportunities available with premier online retailers, well-known cruise lines, the world’s largest telecommunications company and many other Fortune 500 companies.

By partnering with Arise you are able to schedule your work around your life. You will finally have the flexibility to work as many or as few hours as you like and choose when you work while earning $9-$16 per hour/ plus performance bonuses. Arise is A+ rated by the BBB and has been featured on Fox News, CNN Live and Good Morning America to name a few. Finally a legit work at home opportunity!

When you choose to partner with Arise, there are two paths you can take. You can join an existing Arise affiliated corporation or create your own corporation. When you choose to incorporate you are making the decision to be your own boss. The choice is yours!


1. You will need strong computer skills, excellent people skills, a quiet workspace
2. PC that must meet the minimum requirements
3. Previous customer service experience is preferred, but NOT required. Agents with the right skills and no previous involvement with call centers can be very successful partnering with Arise.

Salary Wage: $9-$16 per hour/ plus performance bonuses

Please visit
today to begin earning money from the comfort of your home.


Appointment Setter

We are a state of the art communications service providing quality telephone systems and required features like unlimited calling. Set appointments during business hours for representatives in different cities.

Hiring 3 people now, and more down the road.

-Some phone experience needed.
-High speed internet.
-Long distance calling.
-PC and email ability

This is $35.00 per appointment plus $50.00 bonus per install. This job requires a W-9.

William Ibberson:
Please attach a resume with a call back number.


Technical Support Agents

TeleNetwork is hiring Technical Support Representatives! Information about our company can be found at our website:

We are looking for Technical Support Representatives to provide excellent customer support and service for Internet users. Learn to use the newest in technology support for DSL troubleshooting in our two week Paid Training Course!

Bilingual Bonus * Flexible Scheduling * Rapid Advancement * Promotes from Within We are looking for Technical Support Representatives to provide excellent customer support and service for Internet users. Learn to use the newest in technology support for DSL troubleshooting in our two week Paid Training Course!

Bilingual Bonus * Flexible Scheduling * Rapid Advancement * Promotes from Within Requirements: Technical Support, Customer Service, Work At Home, Advanced Computer/Technology Schooling in progress or heavy personal experience with computers/technology.

The pay rate starts at $8.00 per hour, with an automatic increase to $9.00 per hour after 45 days.

Our employees are reviewed on a monthly basis. Depending on your individual performance and call metrics you may then be eligible for a raise. Raises are awarded in dollar per hour increments.

All applicants MUST apply online at:

Please fill out the application completely, submit your resume, and verify that you meet the minimum technology requirements.


Mystery Shops

This company measures store-level operations and customer attitudes through mystery shopping, customer feedback, retail audits and merchandising services, and provides the analytics to drive targeted improvements.

Through their network of independent contractors, they provide clients with insight into the experience their customers encounter. This information helps clients implement strategies and training programs to improve their customer experience. What is mystery shopping? A type of market research, it is a standard and common business practice where service evaluations are made without the store’s personnel being aware that they are being “shopped”. Mystery shopping provides information about client-established customer service standards. This information then allows companies to adjust training and award bonuses that help turn their service vision into reality. Good customer service benefits us all.

Requirements: You must be at least 20 years old and have a minimum of a high school education. You need excellent observational skills and must be very detail oriented. Most shops require a digital watch that displays seconds or a stopwatch for timing the store’s service. Access to a computer is required and high-speed access is highly recommended. A digital camera is necessary for higher paying audit-type assignments.

Learn more and apply at:

About company:



Seeking skilled, educated, and motivated people to assist customers with sales, service and technical support transactions. Agents work directly with customers over the phone, through online chat sessions, and email.

Although there are no any fees or special equipment, most projects require:
1. an up-to-date computer
2. a high speed internet connection
3. a land line telephone
4. a willingness to work hard
5. a desire to be successful


About company:


Telecommute Technical Support Representative

Entry-level Telecommute Customer Support Representative position. The Customer Support Representative is dedicated to providing first-call resolution by listening to customers attentively and demonstrating empathy, as resolving troubleshooting and customer service issues.


US-Hazelwood, MO area residents: After the completion of paid training at a state-of-the-art site located in Hazelwood, you will then work at home.

Please visit:


Mystery Shoppers

This mystery shopping services and consulting company welcomes new shoppers. Fun and interesting assignments. Shoppers must be reliable, observant, detail-oriented and possess excellent writing skills.

Learn more or sign up at:

About company:


Video Chat Expert

You can earn money as an expert in a particular field/s such as a Psychic, Religion, Coaching, Health, Business, Romance, Languages, Cooking and much more.

Must have a webcam, internet connection and home computer.

Please visit:

Learn more:


Classified Corner

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