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    Make Money Blogging
    By: Stacy Perez

    Working at home is a lot easier than you may think, especially these days! My name is Stacy, and I have been independently making money from home since early 2000. It has been quite the roller coaster of learning, applying what I have learned and keeping up with what is going on with the internet today!

    There are so many different ways to make money from home, and one of the ways is work at home blogging. You can make money blogging!

    Before setting up a blog account, I do recommend deciding what you want to write your blog about. Only because, you will need to pick a name that will go into your blog address. You don't want to set up a blog account that has xyz123.wordpress.com if you are going to focus on talking about saving money shopping.

    Once you figure out what subject you want to focus your content on, then get started by signing up for a free blog account at blogger.com or wordpress.org. There is no fee to start your own blog.

    Before you worry about how you are going to make money with your blog, just start writing blog posts. If possible, try to write at least one post a day if not more.

    While you are keeping up with putting new content on your blog, you can join Google's Adsense program. Just go to google.com and search for Adsense program. It is free to sign up! You can make money by adding the code they give you on your blog when people click on the advertisements.

    Another way to make money blogging is to search for affiliate programs that will compliment your content. If your blog is about taking care of horses, you can search for "horse affiliate programs" or "animal affiliate programs" or any other keyword related to your content.

    Once, you have added some affiliate programs and adsense, you will eventually start making money. One of the most important things to always do is keep on adding new content to your blog. Nowadays, posts show up in real time and the search engines do love new content.

    You can make money blogging! It is not hard and anyone can do it. You do not need to be a professional writer! Learn about how to work at home and join the free newsletter by going to www.dotcommommies.com

    Copyright 2000-2014, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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