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    A Gift For Mom...
    Giving Her the Gift of
    By: Stacy Perez

    If a mom... ASKING for the gift of Working-From-Home, wouldn't that be the best gift of all for you?

    If a friend or relative... GIVING the gift of working-from-home, wouldn't that be the gift of all for your loved one?

    Whether you are wanting to work-from-home or know of someone who may want to work from home, you owe it to yourself and to them to read and share this article with everyone you know.

    YOU may to change your life or contribute to helping change the life of someone you care about.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to work-from-home and use my article to help you help those who want to work-from-home? HOW, for everyone who works with me directly can use my articles to help them educate other people about working-from-home. Read this article and follow the steps.. WHEN you email or call, ask us how you can use articles like these to help you make money from home.

    Asking for the gift or deciding to give...

    If you want to work-from-home, WHY not ask for the gift of working-from-home. This is a different kind of gift request, isn't it? WELL there is an intent behind what I am suggesting. The intent of working-from-home for you and your family will give you a life time of gifts throughout your life and your children's lives in MANY ways.

    Wouldn't the gift of working-from-home BE the best gift you can give yourself AND your family? What a better way of making you and your family HAPPIER is for you to work-from-home, making money, AND giving you and your family what they want.

    What about the idea of DOING what you want and DOING what your kids WANT around your flexible schedule of working-from-home?

    The choice and the decision...

    If you ask most moms... "Would you rather work outside the home or work-from-home? GUESS what most of them will say? THAT THEY WOULD rather stay at home and make money from home. BUT the sad thing is for moms who work outside the home, they MAY not believe or even have hope that working-from-home is something that is even realistic or doable.

    Working-from-home will allow you to raise your own kids without someone else raising them. I have heard it may affect children in different ways when they do NOT have at least one parent at home with them. WHY take a chance and NOT work-from-home, when you CAN work-from-home and give your children a chance in life to have a better environment because at least one parent is at home with them.

    Being Available...

    Working-from-home allows moms to be there all the time for their kids needs. Isn't it a wonderful idea to be at home ... when your child calls you and says they are sick and need to be picked up from school? WHAT about the ability to engage in school activities like field trips, lunch mom, PTA, etc. What about children that are involved in after school activities like sports, band, clubs, etc. One of my friends is getting ready to deal with the challenge of being a work outside the home and managing her time around her son's baseball activities.

    Creating a better environment...

    Several months ago, I met a psychologist online. He allowed me to ask him questions. He specializes in children with ADD and children with ADHD. I asked him if he feels there are more cases of children today diagnosed with ADD/ADHD than 20 years ago. He said YES. I asked him that question because when I was growing up, I didn't even know what ADD was until I was a junior in high school in 1987 when one of my friends was diagnosed with it. While conversing with him.. HE SAID something that alarmed me... "When children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, parents are quick to ask for a drug to help their child INSTEAD of doing alternative methods to help that child." I replied to him in shock.. HE IS right.. Because any of the message boards I am on.. There is at least one mom that talks about their child being on some medication to help their child with ADD/ADHD.

    NOW I started thinking about teenage pregnancies. What about the recent news and recent years of a child going on a shooting rampage and killing either students, teachers or both AND taking their own life. What about the drugs in schools? What about bad behavior that leads into trouble with the law? I would bet that if the parents of those children were surveyed either both parents work outside the home and they are NOT full engaging in what is happening with their child, or the child lives with a single parent who either works outside the home or is on government help or the parent grew up with the same problem and NEVER had help!

    Ability to home school children...

    My kids are 3 years old and 5 years old. My 5 year old will be starting public school this fall. Over the course of the years, I have met a lot of women home schooling their kids. Most recently one woman who home school her kids. She stays at home right now, but has no source of income and that is WHY she is finding she wants to work-from-home. She told me basically it would break her heart to go to work. She WANTS to be their for her kids and have the ability to home school them. I gave her a ton of credit for doing that. WHY are these moms home schooling? If you ask them.. It is probably because they do NOT want their children in a negative environment or negative influence. They are giving their children a positive environment away from all the negative stuff you hear on the news, read in the papers, or hear from others.

    Working-from-home gives moms the option to home school their children if they feel the need to do that. AS much as I do NOT think I have time to home.. It is an option I am seriously considering.. If I didn't work-from-home, It would be less of a chance that I could do that for my kids.

    Being able to fulfill wants...

    Yesterday, I was on the phone with a woman I have spoken too earlier this week. Someone in my group had her on the phone and they both called me.

    Something she said that touched my heart was this...

    "My 4 year old asked me for a new Barbie doll, and I had to tell her I can NOT afford to buy it." Even the Barbie's dolls that are even $5 she can NOT afford to buy for her daughter. One of my home workers brought up another thing she said... She also wished she could take her kids to Chuck E. Cheese. It broke my heart hearing those simple little wants and her not having the money to deliver the simple things to her children.

    It seriously reminded me when I was growing up.... My parents divorced when I was very young. There were moments in our lives my mother had to ask for government help to feed my brother and I. I remember eating things my mother would make in large volume that were inexpensive to make so she could get several meals out of a little bit of money. AND remembering the times growing up, NOT having the clothes or the things I wanted. When I was 12 years old, I started babysitting, so I could buy the things I wanted.

    I grew to appreciate my mother more, because she worked so hard to provide for my brother and I. Honestly, I think the life I had growing up was SUPPOSED to happen for my life to be here it is today... WHERE I have the passion, desire and want to help other moms like me. Growing up was huge factor in WHY I work-from-home so I can be with my kids and give them the hope and belief that they can have ANYTHING they want in life if they work really hard to get it.

    Making a decision and doing it...

    Quite honestly.. It is all about making a decision.. Making the decision to work-from-home with the intention of succeeding. By making the decision to work-from-home than how you can do what it takes to follow through and DO IT!

    Making the decision to either work-from-home or transition to work-from-home is the ONLY way you will find success and actually doing it! Once you make the decision and establish WHY you want to work-from-home, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

    First step is.. making the decision..

    Second step is.. realizing you can work-from-home

    Third step is.. choosing a company to help you achieve what you want.

    Fourth step is.. following directions and following people who are doing it.

    Fifth step is.. making it happen.

    What to do now to work-from-home or help someone work-from-home?

    Once you have made the decision to work-from-home or make the decision to help someone you know work-from-home ... do the following so you can make it happen..

    1. Watch the following short movie...
    Go to: http://www.freemoms.com/parents/
    WATCH the movie...TURN your speakers on... This movie is for you if you are a parent or is for anyone you know who is a parent or is for you or someone you know who will be a parent in the future.

    2. Once you have watched the movie, fill out the survey at the end so we can help you!

    3. Finally, email your story to: wahp@simpleasabc.com with "I Want to Work From Home" on the subject line. In the body of the email put the follow.. email me a short story about you.. The story may include WHY you are looking to work-from-home, WHY it is important for you work-from-home, what you want out of working-from-home, and what you are looking to achieve by working-from-home.

    Best Wishes,
    Stacy Perez
    Dot Com Mommies
    Work At Home Parents
    Owner and Publisher
    Phone: 630-372-1382

    Keep working from home scam free!

    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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