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    The Future of Healthcare Benefits Through A Consumers Eyes
    By: Stacy Perez

    Most consumers in the United States have some sort of health insurance benefit to protect himself or herself in case of injury or illness. It maybe insurance they receive from an employer, the state, or purchase outside health benefits. Most Americans have some sort of health benefit.

    It seems every year health benefits are costing more and covering less. It is frustrating to a consumer to deal with those changes. Americans are either under-insured or have no insurance and that is not a good thing.

    You will find individuals interviewing for a job will ask about the health benefits because it maybe a factor whether or not they accept a job proposal. When I used to work outside the home it was a major factor when I would consider working for a company.

    What about the employers who have turn over with employees because they do not offer good benefits or change their benefits. It is a problem employers face trying to keep good people because they do not offer good benefits.

    What about employers that will offer health benefits to there employees at a discounted price but if the employee has a family they pay the full cost? This is exactly the way it is at my husband's job. He is covered for a low monthly price, but to insure my kids and I, we would be paying over $700/month for health benefits. What about doctors, hospitals and specialty care? They accept insurance because if they don't who will be able to afford their services? Medical expenses are expensive if you do not have any health benefits. So, if doctors do not accept insurance it would be obvious they wouldn't make money.

    What about the nightmare of doctors and patients dealing with the nightmare of insurance companies. You know when you have insurance, the doctor submits a claim for to your insurance company. It may take several months before the doctor's billing office notifies you if the insurance paid your bill and how much you owe. What a nightmare for the doctor's office to try to collect money from the patient after months have passed, and the patient not being prepared for paying their portion.

    What about people who are self employed? Oh my gosh, we pay a lot of money out of pocket just to have health insurance. Personally, I have major medical only for my two kids and myself. I am paying over $300 a month to have major medical coverage. Every time we go to the doctor, I am paying for the visit and tests out of my own pocket.

    What about the rising cost of insurance? Insurance companies are not paying doctors the right amount for their fees. So, what is happening is.. Doctors maybe saying that an office visit or procedure is actually more then it is just so they can get paid enough to cover their fees. If you think about it, doctors maybe saying things are more, so insurances are paying out more, which is causing insurance rates to go up or the quality of coverage goes down. Think about moms who just have a baby. It is like you have the baby and you are home the next day. Moms are going home prematurely because of insurance.

    What if there is a way we can change the future of having

    health benefits where every one wins? There is a way...And it will be the wave of the future.

    1. Consumers purchasing a health benefits' discount card where they can go to a provider in the network, show the card at the time of service, get a discount, save money, and not deal with the nightmare of claim forms or insurance companies.

    2. Employers being able to offer their employees a Plan B option to help retain employees.

    3. Doctors and other medical staff getting paid at the time of service by not dealing with the nightmares of insurance companies and the process that goes along with it.

    4. Consumers being able to use the discount card even if they have pre-existing conditions and not worry about being dropped or procedures not being covered.

    My vision of the future of healthcare.....

    Advantages of a health care discount card for a medical profession:
    - paid at the time of service
    - no need for claim forms
    - no need to deal with the nightmare of insurance companies
    - no longer having to deal with billing and collection of patient bills.

    People who could not afford insurance are now able to afford an alternative to insurance by using a healthcare discount card.

    People who have pre-existing conditions, terminal illnesses, diabetes, cancer or any other health aliment will now be able to get the care they need without being rejected or dropped by insurance companies.

    Think about your life and dealing with insurances.. Is it positive? Probably not. Do you see the wave of the future being a healthcare discount card replacing health insurance?

    When I was approached about the concept of a discount card instead of insurance, and I thought about my life dealing with insurance, that the concept makes sense. We have no idea what the future of healthcare will be. But from what I have experienced and learned over the years, this concept feels like it will be the wave of the future and how Americans handle their healthcare.

    There is a company who offers an affordable healthcare discount card where you will get more and pay less. You can learn more about it by going to: www.wahp.onesimplecard.com

    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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