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    Working From Home and Changing Lives
    By: Stacy Perez

         AmeriPlan                     Corp. Office
    Working From Home and Changing Lives
    By:  Stacy Perez  ęCopyright 2005

    On 01-06-05 through 01-09-05, I was invited to attend a work from home company event in Plano/Dallas, TX. It was a development event, and only 52 people company wide were selected to attend. The company I am working with, AmeriPlan« USA, offers an incredible work from home opportunity.

    Changing Lives, in a nutshell, is what I have to say AmeriPlan« has done and continues to do. They are changing people's lives EVERY single day.. and to be part of it, is absolutely life changing, inspirational and rewarding.

    It was an amazing experience... This is what we took out of this experience.. Frienship-ing, Relationship-ing, Self development, and an incredible belief and faith of what AmeriPlan« has done and continues to do for people every single day. Changing Lives!

    The relationships created will last a life time. I never realized AmeriPlan« was an emotional business until I was there. The stories that were being told and the people affected. Hearing the stories of people like you and I, who went from being broke or living check to check making an incredible income with AmeriPlan«.

    You know, out of anything I have done or looked into, it only set in stone that working with AmeriPlan« is what I need to be doing for my long-term work from home career.

    There is a need and want for what AmeriPlan« offers, and connecting people to AmeriPlan« will not only help people save money but also help those that want to make money. We have the opportunity to be paid daily with AmeriPlan.. AGAIN changing lives.. giving people the opportunity to make money right away instead of waiting for a check.

    I have to tell you, not only do I see the vision of where this company is going, but I have to say the development I have been getting every single day is making me into a different and better person. To be able to affect lives, helping people reach their goals and seeing those people change absolutely is life changing.

    It is difficult to even impact or express the feeling you get when you know and believe AmeriPlan« is the right work from home company unless you are there and part of us.

    I have never believed or been as passionate about working with any company.

    My goals for 2005, is to create and build more relationships; building friendships, networking with other successful minded, and building relationships with people who want to work from home.

    Changing lives is my mission.. Helping as many people work from home and making an income is my mission. In order for a goal like this to happen, we need to build our group up nationally and as a group change lives together by helping show people a vehicle that makes sense to help them work from home too.

    By attending this special AmeriPlan« event, they assign you with a roommate for the hotel room. I would have to say they matched everyone really good.
    My roommate was absolutely incredible. Her name is Gail in AL. She was one amazing woman. She one incredible story of someone who has a dream and a mission to change her life financially.

    Gail is absolutely unbelievable. Hopefully, I say this correctly.. But Gail told me she was jobless in the past like the norm. There was an ad in the paper for wall hanger or something like that, which is obviously more like a mans job. What she did was educate herself about doing that type of job and getting the tools she needed to succeed at that job. SHE DID IT! They hired her and she worked there for a while. I was like WOW.. When you want something bad enough you can have it. You just have to have it set in your mind that you will succeed and do whatever it takes to help you get there.

    It wasn't just that job, but she educated and taught herself other kinds of jobs. My response to her was.. :"NO one can have an excuse that they CAN'T do something."

    What really inspired me about Gail was her motivation and drive. I saw her in action there in Plano, TX. I know Gail will reach the top of AmeriPlan and I know she will get to the income she deserves and wants.

    Something more about Gail.. Gail quit her last job to give full dedication to AmeriPlan«. Gail is a single mom of 3 kids. She has changed her life to where she really doesn't have what people may have in their homes and she may not provide the kind of meals other people have. She has a vision and a mission and nothing is going to get in her way. I wanted to shed tears because I have heard stories of people maybe living check to check or being a single parent and not having money for food or whatever. Gail knows that she is living really tight right now and her expenses are more then her income.. BUT Gail has a vision and Gail is NOT stopping until she gets to the place she wants in life.

    Gail's story is one of many I have heard over the months.. BUT to be able to look into her eyes and feel her excitement and see her vision and where she is going was a life changing moment.

    There are people in AmeriPlan« right now, very similar stories. There are two individuals I can think of right at this moment.. One was a school bus driver and the other a fast food employee.. Both people probably would never have gone anywhere with their jobs or ever make the money they wanted... They made a decision to change their life, and today they are both making a fantastic income with AmeriPlan. The kind of income, people dream about having or doubt they ever can have that kind of income.

    You know what... to change your life you have to want to change it. You have to be motivated and determined, as well as, believe in what you are doing. If you believe and have hope you can go any where in life you want to go. I learned a lot over 01-06 through 01-09, and my belief and hope is way more then it was before I stepped foot in Plano/Dallas.

    You have to make a decision.. A decision to change your life. THE ONLY one that can do that is you.. Just like you wont loose weight until you make the decision to do so. You can't quit smoking until you make the decision to do so. I personally need to loose weight. I never realized I had a weight issue like I do until I faced it from pictures, etc.. I am NOW making a decision to loose weight.. AND I have made a decision to get to a place financially that I deserve to have.. I know AmeriPlan« has the vehicle to help me achieve my goals. NO ONE can make me do anything.. People can inspire me.. PEOPLE can NOT motivate me.. It is with in.. BECAUSE I have the belief in AmeriPlan«, I know by this time next year, I will be making a fantastic income with AmeriPlan« achieving financial goals, achieving weight loss goals, and achieving self development goals. These are my goals for 2005 and I know I will achieve them all ONE step at a time.

    When I first saw the outside of the building I was like WOW.. Then I was even more like WOW when I got inside the building. I have heard AmeriPlan« has a $21million dollar corporate headquarters and that is a lot of money. Well, you would never know it until you are standing in front of it and inside it to see.

    Not only by the environment, but the feeling you get about how much this company cares about their employees. I have been in customer service before and one of the things that stood out to me was the customer service department. When they talked about the chairs forming to the reps bodies, I was like WOW. AND their break room is absolutely the most incredible break room I have ever seen.

    Someone in my group asked one of the Executive assistants, how employee retention is.. She replied with.. "You know what? This company believes in the employee. If one department doesn't seem to be a fit for an employee, they will put you in another department that may be a better match. They try really hard not to terminate someone. I thought that was incredible of a company to do that.

    Some pictures, I would like to share that were given to us from one of the 52 selected to attend.

    The owners and Orrin, one of the people invited.

    In front of AmeriPlan« this is an amazing building.

    Not only is the outside incredible but the inside is just as incredible... If I was ever looking for a job, I would want to be working for AmeriPlan«

    Mark and Traci are the top income earners, and I have the honor to be part of their team. They are incredible speakers!!!

    If you are ready to MAKE A DECISION to change your life, and are coachable.. I AM HERE to help you on the path of success!!!! Right now, AmeriPlan« is offering the sign up for just $35... It is a temporary sign up special. I HIGHLY recommend joining AmeriPlan« today and I, and help you move towards achieving your goals and dreams for 2005.

    Go to www.WorkAtHomeCareer.com
    and tour the website and either I or one of my partners will contact you.

    Best Wishes,
    Stacy Perez
    Dot Com Mommies and Work At Home Parents
    Owner and Publisher
    Phone: 800-813-5879 or 630-372-1382

    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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