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    People Who I Thank Who Have Influenced Me
    By: Stacy Perez

    To All The People Who Have Influenced and Contributed to Changing My Life! I am emailing you all and giving thanks.. Jake, Jennifer, Karlyn, Ned, Joe, Mike and Mark......AS my story continues to build and unfold.. you will all know.

    AmeriPlan® is changing lives and I can honestly say .. It is changing my life in many ways...and you all have contributed!

    I found the company that will take me to where I want to go and will also help all those that I reach in the future... I am very passionate about AmeriPlan® and because of all of you.. You have helped contribute in some way! AND I want to make sure you all know how much you are appreciated!

    I am still amazed how I have started changing... and continue to change every single day...

    Being coachable.. Being determined... Wanting to change... Excellent support team... PLUGGING into calls...AND Plugging into the AmeriPlan® events.. IS THE KEY to success....ALL of you have made it possible for me.. The belief system.. AND the passion... is making me stronger daily!

    My wish.. wishing and hoping more will follow in my foot steps and see that they too can get what they want in life.

    Thank you for inspiring, helping and showing me... Helping me... change my life into a new direction that I love...

    My AmeriPlan® Story in the making -- May 2004 to the Present

    I joined AmeriPlan® June 2003, woke up to AmeriPlan® March 2004, and starting building it May 2004. June 2004, I achieved RSD status. September 2004, I achieved #1 recruiting broker in the company and also achieved ACE Broker Recruiter with at least 40 personally enrolled brokers. September 16,2004, I made the decision to put my first network marketing company on the back burner and make AmeriPlan® my focus. October 2004, I went the AmeriPlan® Fall Leadership Conference which was what I needed to increase my belief and excite me. During the October 2004 event, I made the decision to enroll at least 100 brokers from 10-15-05 through 11-30-04 which was announced during the event. I had no idea the California event in October was about to change my life. I finished off November 2004 with 109 brokers, #8 in the company, and a $10,000 winner. November 2004, I achieved SRSD status and ending with 4 RSDs. December 4, 2004, I was personally handed my $10,000 check at a Super Saturday training by my DSM. December 2004, I was called and invited to attend the Leaders of Tomorrow event in Plano, Texas. The event is an invite only and I believe there were 52 people selected company wide. January 2005, I attend the Leaders of Tomorrow event for intense training. I left the event with even more belief! I also realized there AmeriPlan® is an emotional business and felt the compassion of many and seeing how people's lives have been changed because of AmeriPlan®. Mid January, I was invited to be part of a panel of speakers for the Champion's Weekend event. February 2005, I was notified by my DSM that I achieved the $25,000 President's Club, and I also attended the Champion's Weekend event in Houston. The event was from 02-10 through 02-13-05. On Friday, 02-10-05, I walked across stage as a SRSD and also as a new $25,000 President's Club earner. On Saturday, 02-12-05, I spoke on stage in front of 1800 people.. The purpose of our panel was to talk about we personally enrolled 100 or more brokers....On 02-14-05, I was announced #4 in the company for the entire year as far as recruiting brokers... This is just the beginning of about what is about to unfold...

    September 2002 - Thank You Jake!

    Thank you Jake for opening my eyes to network marketing. You were placed in my life for a reason. You helped me see the light and it was fate that brought us together. We both agreed, fate brought us together.

    I was a struggling website owner.. Struggling to make a living.. You opened my eyes.. AND showed me there is a better life .. one that I deserve...

    AND because of you opening my eyes.. and taking me under your wing.. You have helped me realize that I would have the ability to help SO many people work from home..; With network marketing I have helped or contributed to over 400 people.

    Your ongoing support and training helped start my career in network marketing. Your love kept me going for almost 2 years. You taught me about appreciating and loving people. No matter how mad I got because of problems or obstacles within he group, you always were positive and would quickly turn me around. You are very caring and are great for helping people who get off track or helping people become excited again.

    Quite honestly... as you know.. I would may not have found or realized that what I was supposed to be doing was right on my lap.. AND if you never introduced me to Karlyn.. I would not have what I have going on today... I am glad you introduced me to Karlyn... Even though you may regret that decision.. I am glad you did!

    You certainly always have had and continue to have a positive attitude and that has certainly impacted me today. No matter what.. I can share my news about what is happening with AmeriPlan® and you listen and congratulate.. Because of the circumstance today.. You are NOT bitter towards me.. AND I appreciate you and all you have done and continue to do! Thank you Jake.

    I am finally on my way to inspire, help and contribute to helping people.. AND having the right vehicle to do so with AmeriPlan®...

    ONE day... we may have the opportunity to work together again.. OR one day we may connect to be able to help each other..

    October 2002 - Thank You Karlyn!

    Thank you Karlyn for opening my eyes to multiple streams of income and thank you for introducing me to AmeriPlan®. If it wasn't for you, Karlyn, I would probably not be in AmeriPlan® right now. It took me almost a year to get it.. AND I got it March 2004.

    Because of your professional training, you have helped contribute to my development and knowledge of network marketing. I know we have had turmoil for almost 2 years to the point of not wanting to be part of you. But you know what, I believe that part of my life is what was needed to help me appreciate and care for people even more. I believe it was meant to be when Jake introduced us. He knew we would compliment each other in business. AND I believe that right now is the truth....We were meant to be working together.. I know it in my heart!

    It is hard to believe after 2 years, Karlyn, that I value you a lot more today then I ever did before and appreciate you even more! I have forgiven and forgotten the past.. As you I am sure.. I want to move forward and move forward with you!

    June 2003, you introduced me to AmeriPlan® even though I didn't understand what AmeriPlan® was about, I am SO glad I hit the wall in the other company and had my eyes opened.. AND so glad I NEVER quit AmeriPlan®, because if I did.. I would NOT have you, Ned, Joe, Mike or Mark.. AND all of you HELPED me in many ways!!!

    THANK YOU Karlyn! I certainly look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous business relationship with you!! AND I am honored and thrilled to say you are my sponsor! I am so proud of you! AND I am proud where you and I will go with AmeriPlan®....We certainly compliment each other and glad to take the journey with you! Thank you Karlyn!

    March 2004 - Thank you Jennifer!

    Thank you Jennifer for calling me to try to recruit me into AmeriPlan®. I probably would have hung up on you like I usually do when solicitors call me. You had my attention and I was intrigued to hear what you had to say. Unfortunately. the end result was not what you wanted to hear. But you got me excited to start looking back into AmeriPlan® even though I was still a broker and didn't know it.

    You got me so excited about AmeriPlan®.. You were truly the icing on the cake to help wake me up from my long nap.

    I am glad we have had communication since I started working AmeriPlan®... You are an incredible person Jennifer! AND I know one day we will be able to go across the stage as NSDs.

    March - May 2004 - Thank you Mike, Ned and Joe!

    I contacted my support line, Mike, and asked him to get my plugged into AmeriPlan® so I can start working the business. Thank you Mike! Because of your wanting to help me, you connected me with someone else in my support line, Joe. We spoke on the phone and you both got me really excited about AmeriPlan®. Then Joe got another one of my support line on the phone, Ned, who was my direct support line and got me more excited.

    THANK YOU guys for being an awesome support line and adopting me!

    Because of your caring to help me.. You 3 are the reason WHY I have opened my eyes and made a decision to make AmeriPlan® my focus.. You three are an absolutely fantastic support line! I could NOT ask for a better support line then you 3.

    Big Contributor in my development -Thank you Joe! Perfect Example of Someone Changing Lives!

    Joe, I am not sure how much you realize the impact on me and my business you have had!!! I am telling you, you are a major contributor to my success today!! AND will continue to be for many years to come.

    You are absolutely one of the pieces of the puzzle I needed to excel with my business.

    Your self development training has really developed me in my AmeriPlan® business as well as in my life. You have positively impacted me in many ways!

    You have made me so much more confident and a more creative side has surfaced in my life!!!

    You really help people in many ways.. You are a person who is needed to avoid someone failing!

    You are also one that helps me see the light on things.. I can hear many ways of how to handle something but usually what you tell me is the answer!

    You are the most incredible inspirational and motivational developer I have ever heard!!! You have a strong passion to help develop people!!! You are a major contributor to my self development and I know over time will be a major contributor of my group's development.

    Your self development training alone.. will not only help people excel in AmeriPlan® but also in their every day life.. LIKE you have done for me.... You have made me a stronger and better person.. AND I know you will continue to develop me as we move forward building our business.

    Joe.. I see you getting bigger then big.. You have a talent and a gift waiting to be released bigger then what it is.. I know we have briefly talked about it and you have plans.. I am honored to have you in my life and honored to having you on my journey with AmeriPlan®.

    You are also a HUGE contributor to my creative side unleashing.. Sometimes, I am shocked and what I write.. My writing has so much more passion and feeling then before.. AND what is amazing.. OTHERS see it as well and they feel my passion right through the words I write. Not only that.. But I talk to people differently.. It isn't talking to people where it is like selling...It is talking to people with passion and excitement.. You have helped me help people.

    WOW right before Champion's weekend... You took the time to coach me... AND your advice was what really helped me be as calm and focused as I was.. Just getting to talk to you one on one made such a difference... AND to really learn more about you!!!

    I have really grown over time to really being intrigued by you.. You are such a loving person and your passion to help people is obvious! You have made a big difference in my life.. AND for that I thank you so much Joe!

    Big Contributor in my development -Thank you Ned! Perfect Example of Someone Changing Lives!

    Ned, I am not even sure how much you realize the impact on me and my business you have had!!! I am telling you, Ned you are a HUGE part in my success too!!!

    You have literally adopted me... You are there for me every single day!!!! Sometimes several times a day. I would say you and I have developed a very good business relationship and we work well together.

    You NEVER tried to convince me to quit the other network marketing company. I know you knew one day I would see the answer myself. I appreciate you for that!!! You knew I am sure, but let me figure it out myself. PLUS, the fact, I was so blinded by some things going on and you really helped me see the light on things I didn't see. I am talking about ethics in general.. You helped me see that. Thank you!

    You have so much compassion and I see it more as the days have gone on.. You are like family to me!!!

    You are what I call a "Walking Business Kit". When I have a question, you always have an answer...AND certainly have been wonderful and patient with me along the way.

    You have been a major contributor in bringing attention to problems in my business or bringing me back on the right page.. You are a great leader!

    Ned.. there were times in the beginning of me building my business.. Where I had issues and sometimes we didn't agree.. BUT you were right!!!! You are a damn good leader... AND really have helped me see the light in many ways!

    Remember... right before the CA event.. I really was debating whether I had the courage to go to CA back in Oct.. THANK YOU for highly suggesting I go... If you didn't do that.. I am not sure everything that has happened so far would have even taken place.. I am so glad I went.. AND because of it.. my belief grew more.. AND NOW my attitude is I will be at every event regardless...I totally see the importance of attending the AmeriPlan® events... AND now it is certainly easier to communicate that with my group.. I know the 4 that were with me in Houston.. were thankful they were at Champ's Wkend.. AND I am glad there were there to share my experience on stage.

    ALSO.. during the 6 week promotion in October and November.. You were there for me.. cheering me on... keeping up with problems and also helping support our new brokers....You just stepped in AND helped encourage me to get to the finish line.. If I didn't have you there right with me.. I might not have finished the way I did..

    You have said to me in the recent past... "I am just doing my job." NO Ned.. You love to help people.. It is quite obvious.. I have heard the difference in the lives of the brokers you help just by doing your calls.. I feel it and I hear it... You are not only impacting your own group but you are absolutely a HUGE asset to AmeriPlan®... You are darn good at what you do! AND all you do for everyone with your training and support is appreciated.

    I would love to see you realize what you are doing for others.. I would also love to see you be proud for what you have done. You are very funny... and fun to be around.. BUT I know you have something within that is wanting to break out! ONE day, you will see and understand that there is more to Ned then Ned even realizes.. I can see it in your eyes and I can hear it in your voice.....Unleash what's within and you will see!

    I look forward to working together and building a better business relationship with you.

    Thank you Ned .... what you have done for me!!!

    Thank You Mark!

    Mark, because of you at the Leaders of Tomorrow event, I learned you are one passionate man that really cares about the people. Not only could I see it as you expressed it, but I could FEEL it as you spoke!!!

    You love people and you want to see the people win!!!! AND it is quite obvious.. WHICH in many companies is rare to see the love and passion of someone who makes a very nice income.

    No wonder why you are very successful! You are about changing people's lives.. You have certainly helped me see the light.. AND you have been an additional factor in my development with my business.... AND I am learning from you by hearing you on calls and see you live on stage..

    Where can words put the experience of Champion's Weekend! Talk about emotion and compassion.. WOW it was incredible!!!

    Saturday night.. SAID it all when you closed out the event.. What an awesome closing to end the event... Your emotion and passion really came from your heart! I not only saw it but felt it.

    What I love about you Mark is this... You help the entire company whether they in your group or not.. PLUS, you are setting an example for everyone that it doesn't matter who is your sponsor.. EVERYONE can help each other!!! I know what you are doing is the best thing for everyone.. That alone has impacted and will continue to impact this company as a whole. You are certainly leading by example for the company motto of "One Dream, One Team!"

    Quite honestly... I am glad you do what you do.. Because if you didn't .. I would bet there would be people hurting each other.. You are so caring and we as an entire company appreciate you and what you do for all of us!

    You are so powerful!!!

    Thank you for giving me time on stage to share how I enrolled 109 brokers.. That was my first time doing that.. AND I was VERY nervous.. BUT it was NOT so bad...AND I look forward to having the opportunity to be up on stage helping others in the future..

    This is what has happened to me since Champion's Weekend.. New goals and plans to help accelerate my group!!! New and better views of helping my group .. those that want to be helped.. I will be working on doing a base shop call... a weekly or biweekly teleclass about working from home and why AmeriPlan®.. AND currently changing my focus for an upcoming ebook I am writing.. ALL because of Champion's Weekend.

    I am honored to be part of your group!

    Thank You Mike!

    Mike.. WOW you are one of the funniest people I have ever met.. AND Verna one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met..

    You are one of the most exciting people I love to listen too.. You make a call NOT only right to business but also funny.

    I love the fact you lay out how to do this business and you make it sound very simple... You have showed me and helped me understand what AmeriPlan® has is what people want.. AND showing how using the tools AmeriPlan® and the SimpleAsABC has... helps deliver the information to the people without the feeling of being a cold sales person.

    Because of you.. I am not afraid to talk to people.. And your development calls lay things right out there AND they work!!! Very simple techniques that are non threatening and anyone can do this business because of the way you teach about it.

    You have certainly helped me understand about the AmeriPlan® concept and how to talk to people about it.

    I certainly didn't understand about AmeriPlan® almost the entire year I sat there doing nothing.. I never plugged in during that time..

    When I woke up in March and learned about the SimpleAsABC system you put together with John... I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw...

    I have been exposed to many systems over the years and what SimpleAsABC is about.. is the most incredible system I have seen..

    Quite honestly... especially being an internet marketer.. The SimpleAsABC system is exactly the kind of system I have been looking for....that system helps with time management for sure while delivering the message.. PLUS helps people work better.

    THANK YOU for putting that together.. Because not only have you put that together for your group but to open it to the entire company.. You certainly are a huge contributor in my success.. Because without that SimpleAsABC system there is no way in heck I would have enrolled as many people as I did.

    The way you teach... It is OKAY to talk to the warm market.. You have a way of educating about it .. that makes perfect sense.

    THANK YOU Mike!

    Where I am going with AmeriPlan®....

    To take what you all have taught me and continue to teach me and to be able to spread the word... AND help develop people to find the success they are looking for...

    My goal is to be a NSD and a $50,000 President's Club Earner by convention! AND to have several RSD's and beyond within my group! AND creating more leaders to duplicate and develop other leaders within our group.

    To inspire, help and develop as many people as I can, along with, my group...Making a difference in this country!

    To help companies see the light about increasing performance and less turn over of their independent business owners by offering benefits.....which if all goes well with this game plan.. It will increase in this organization a mass amount of members.

    Having development calls... Where people contribute in instructing an internet marketing and development classes with my direction.

    Having a team call - Base Shop Call for my group! I see the importance of it.. And Thanks to Brad and Amber... I will be doing that for sure...

    Finish my first ebook.. with the intention of educating and growing my AmeriPlan® group through viral marketing online..

    Create and develop more website owners .. especially with growing their AmeriPlan® businesses through niche marketing.

    ALSO educating others about taking their niche and using it to excel their business!

    You know.. what has happened so far is just the beginning.. I had a slow start... and will be picking up the pace.. AND now it is time to accelerate and make dreams turn into reality not only for myself but hundreds or even thousands....

    THANK YOU everyone! I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with you all!

    To See What Company has changed my life:

    Best Wishes,
    Stacy Perez
    Dot Com Mommies and Work At Home Parents
    Owner and Publisher

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