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    Anyone Can Make Money Blogging!
    By: Stacy Perez

    First off.. You may be wondering what the heck is a blog or what is blogging? BELIEVE me six months ago, I really didn't know what one was either. I started seeing about Blogs since January 2004, but really didn't know what a blog was until one of my online friends told me about it.

    A blog is basically an online diary or journal. A blog is a great way to write your thoughts, write your daily activity. keep yourself accountable in your business, a way of talking about a certain topic, having a way of interacting with others, etc.. A blog is also EXCELLENT for marketing an online business/home business, as well as, making money!

    Blogging RIGHT NOW is a HUGE "viral" internet craze! AND it seems EVERYONE is trying to tap into it. It is funny because you will find SO many people trying to make something blog related to tap into the niche market, such as, blog search engines, blog directories, etc.. I mean when you see all the different blog tools, it really just wants to make you laugh because people are going nuts over it!

    The idea of blogging reminds me of... when people really go over board when something new and unique hits the market.. LIKE the car ribbon magnet craze going on right now. It first started off with the Support Our Troops magnet ribbon.. AND now I am seeing Support Breast Cancer and all sorts of different ones now. EVERYONE started buying those Support The Troops ribbon magnets.. AND companies started coming out with different colors and different wording.. NOW, other companies are making the same concept but for different reasons.

    Something like that, you may think ..."Why didn't I think of that".. OR .."Why can't I think of an unique idea that would make a ton of money." Personally, I know my day is coming.. to come up with that unique idea that makes millions...I am sure you are thinking the same thing about figuring out an idea that will drive people crazy and make a ton of money.

    WELL what is neat about creating a blog is ....

    1. Anyone can do it.

    2. It doesn't cost any money.

    3. You can use it as a diary for your home business to direct prospects too.

    4. You can take advantage of the Google Ad program and make money.

    5. You can promote affiliate programs on your blog.

    6. You can use it as a portal to market other things.

    7. You can create a blog and never have to worry about making a website.

    8. You can set up as many blogs as you want and for whatever reason.

    I personally take part in a home based business opportunity. I suggest blogging to my group as a form of internet marketing and is something what I highly recommend.

    It is a great way you can include good articles and educate your prospect. You can include testimonials and stories.

    I have heard of stories of people keeping a blog and someone turning their blog into a book.. Like I heard about this one where this woman was keeping a blog about her goal of paying off all her debt.. There are blogs for people who are loosing weight.. I have seen Avon Lady Blogs.. Anything you can think of .. there is probably a blog about it.. AND you just NEVER know when someone may take interest in your Blog and may want to turn it into a book!!!! This is an idea of where you may have an idea AND someone finds you to want to turn it into a book.. OR what if you want to turn your blog into a book.. CAN you imagine if some screen writer gets a hold of your blog and your blog is the next big movie! YOU just never know.. The potential of anything happening is possible with blogging.

    ALSO making money with a blog makes it so ANYONE can do it even if they know absolutely nothing. Starting a Blog for cash is a GREAT and EASY way of making money for anyone!!! Blogging would give people the opportunity to make some money from home.

    If you are NOT blogging yet.. You should be!!!! Tap into blogging.. Just an fyi.. You can make money with blogging AND you can use it to gain people in a home business..

    Today, an ebook was launched about Making Money With Blogs.. Basically for beginners or seasoned bloggers... This is the first book I have seen on this subject.. I highly recommend getting this ebook.. TO HELP YOU start making your OWN money!!!! OR Helping people who take part in a home business learn how to use it to increase inquiries or sign ups.

    GO TO: http://workathomebooks.com/ebookblog/
    The small investment for this ebook is WORTH IT!

    I WILL INCLUDE Blog articles at NO charge.... So you can expand your knowledge.

    ALSO for everyone who purchases this reasonably-priced ebook will also receive an article collection to help you even more...Which will be included with the ebook... The titles are listed below and I will send those with the ebook once notified of purchase.

    These are articles written by many different authors... Here is a list of titles I have..

    - Web Blogs Defined, Explained and Understood
    - Blogging For Business - Great reasons for every business to start a weblog
    - The Biggest Reason To Start A Blog...(and it's not what you think!)
    - How To Publish a "Blog"... and why you should!
    - Want to Get Your Message Out? Start a Blog
    - Blogging for Dollars
    - To Blog or Not to Blog: Are Blogs Becoming More Popular than Forums, Newsletters and E-zines?
    - Blogs for Kids
    - Advertising Moms Blog Resources
    - Top 10 Reasons to Use a Blog to Publish Your Ezine
    - Starting Your Own Blog.
    - Marketing Revolution with Blogs and RSS
    - "Blogger Secrets: Things You Probably Didn't Know"
    - How To Make Money With Your Own Profitable Blog...Without Doing Any Work--Ever!
    - How to Profit from your Home Business Blog
    - Cash In Your Blog - 4 Ways to Profit From The Hidden Revenue In Your Blog
    - 3 Overlooked Ways to Get Hundreds of Links and Prospects to Your Blog
    - How To Make Money With Blogs And RSS
    - The Blog Search Engine
    - 6 Ways That Blogging Can Save You Money
    - Blogs And Your Work From Home Internet Business
    - What Every Blogger Needs To Know About Their Target Audience


    The small investment for this ebook is WORTH IT!

    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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