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    Reprogramming Your Mind About
    Working From Home and Selling
    By: Stacy Perez

    Stay at home moms want to work from home, but automatically shut out selling opportunities. Today, it is obvious that there are more moms working from home with selling opportunities then any other type of work from home job.

    Why are moms getting involved in work from home selling opportunities like a home based business?

    The reason why so many moms are getting into home based business is because quite honestly there is a lot of competition with work from home jobs. Plus, many moms are seeking entry level type jobs which either do not exist or are hard to find. Home based businesses are usually more secure and a less risk of being scammed. Quite honestly, they work and help moms make a living at home.

    Personally, I did not want to work from home doing telemarketing, sales, cold calling, home parties, or any of that. It is not what I personally wanted to do.

    Like most people, I was seeking an entry level type work from home job with challenges like the competition, more risk of being scammed and all the hard work and no pay.

    So, I decided to start a website, Dot Com Mommies, which I still have the issues of dealing with inconsistent income.

    September 2002, my eyes were opened to home based business where I would have the opportunity to earn the consistent income I was looking for.

    Well, of course, I was hesitant because of "sales" or "telemarketing." There was no way I wanted to have any part in sales, cold calling or telemarketing. BUT I realized with a niche product/service AND changing my way of thinking and talking that a home based business does NOT have to be sales or telemarketing.

    Changing the way you think and talk, actually will help you! Instead of being annoyed with feeling like you are doing sales.. BECAUSE more then likely, you probably are annoyed with sales people.. You can make it work in your favor.

    Nothing is more irritating then a sales person or telemarketer calling you to solicit something you didn't ask for. I absolutely can NOT stand unsolicited phone calls or sales people at my door.

    You know what? You can learn from those people.. WHAT not to do.. AND turn it into a way of helping people and getting the results you want.

    So, here moms can work from home with something like a home based business.. AND not be threatening to people AND make an income.

    I found a work from home niche.. A company who has something people want and need.. AND by asking questions.. It is a win-win situation for all.. The person you are communicating with is happy and so are you. ALL by taking something that may be selling and turning into something that is NOT selling.

    It's amazing because in life in general SALES is the way life is. We are constantly selling ourselves and probably don't realize it. Plus, when we want something we let someone sell us something.. But of course, when you sell yourself for a job or are wanting something, you do not think there is sales when there is sales involved. If you really think about it.. MOST things in your life are sales related.

    It is all about your attitude and how you decide to approach it. It is also about how badly you want to work from home and make an income. AND how badly you want to influence and help people.

    I can tell you from my online experience from the past 5 years... Moms are looking for something entry level that is not sales related. I can also tell you many moms there are moms looking who have been looking from 6 months to three years. It is amazing because those moms keep looking and probably get scammed on the way and you ask them.. WHY have you been looking for so long when something like a legitimate home based business maybe sitting right on your lap. SOMETHING that can change their life and they do NOT even realize it.

    I have had the honor to research, test and visit a corporation who offers a work from home opportunity.. AND the great thing is.. It gives moms the opportunity to work from home by just asking questions and seeing if there is a need.. AND if there is a need.. GIVING them the opportunity to make daily income with it. What is even more incredible is the fact they have a system in place that anyone can do and succeed. AND most importantly they have development calls to help moms to develop so they can do something like a home based business.

    To learn more about home based business, and to work directly with the company and I, go to:


    MAKE sure if you sign up on the website or give me a call, please let me know you are a subscriber of mine, I would like to get to know you better and talk to you about how this company can give you hope and belief and turn your dreams into something real.

    Best Wishes,
    Stacy Perez

    Copyright 2000-2008, Stacy Perez, successful work from home mother who has inspired and helped many parents work from home. Visit: www.DotComMommies.com

    My daughter's website. You can get one for your kids too!

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